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Centre for Indian Trade and Export Promotion (CITEP) is a NOT for PROFIT incorporated organisation to promote trade, industry, agriculture and export bestowed with a pool of highly experienced devoted experts / professionals / entrepreneurs / technocrats / national and international level prominent trade, industry, agriculture promotional agencies / academic stalwarts / scientists / R&D / International trading …


Let the CITEP helps you to connect with international buyers with our exclusive business-to-business match-making programme. With our global network, for those who have registered for Export Companion, their export product / service interests will be shared with pre-screened international buyers across the world and and much prospects are awaiting to meet them for one-on-one contact in the

  • A course with a different dimension, with a complete practical exposure coupled with multiple post course options to choose from.
  • Proper guidance will be given to choosing one post course option to specialize and establish a successful career/Entrepreneurial ambition.
  • Easy access to subject professionals
  • More than 250 hours’ face-to-face sessions in Chennai and Bengaluru.


  • CITEP stimulates you to enter / expand your exports.  Based on your specific product / export market selection, will actively involve with you to take you into real export business.
  • If already exporting, wish to expand further with new buyers, new markets, CITEP is your right companion to achieve your targeted desire.
  • With CITEP, No non-sense.  Only export business in a real – repeat – real terms.  Don’t worry about Foreign Trade Policy, Export Procedures, Documentation, Financing for your exports, import country regulations, availability of incentives, subsidies, facilities and all related and co-related.  CITEP update you and coordinate with you all along.
  • We are with you to coordinate in every sphere of your export activities.
  • Recognizing a new marketing value chain, CITEP has structured its organization around the essential skill-sets with a full-fledged team and network powered by experience.
  • Our promotional strategists, researchers, experts and advisors have different roles, different educational backgrounds — come from different parts of the world — but there is one thing they share – Curiosity for driving your business growth.
  • CITEP dedicated its expertise in building practical, actionable, marketing transformation solutions for your export growth. We have over several decades of marketing transformation experience. We understand how marketing departments work, how agencies work across the world, in very different categories. This diversity of experience is what makes us unique.

Message From Executive Director


ᴀsᴏᴋᴀɴ ʀ ʀᴀᴊᴀ 

ᴇxᴇᴄᴜᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴅɪʀᴇᴄᴛᴏʀ, ᴄɪᴛᴇᴘ

Dear Friends,
It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you all to CITEP. CENTRE FOR INDIAN TRADE AND EXPORT PROMOTION (CITEP) is being formed with the active participation of global experts in various fields to make it as an ideal link for national and global networking and to serve as a collaborative effort to supplement the Central and State Governments with various promotional measures for development of trade, industry and exports. The services being extended by CITEP is pioneer, unique and totally oriented towards export-centric, entrepreneur-centric with a sole motive to provide excellent opportunities in a multi-faceted approach suits every aspiring individual in their select objective of their life. These exports and entrepreneurs related services will impact…

From the Desk of Executive Director


Exports play an important role in a country’s economy, influencing the level of economic growth, employment and the balance of payments. Exports is being determined by Competitiveness, Quality and value added of exports, Exchange rate, Long run productivity. Greater exports lead to a more competitive, technologically mature, productive and rapidly growing economy…..


The global alternative medicine market size was valued at USD 52.00 billion in 2017. But, it is extremely difficult to ascertain the data regarding the use of herbs worldwide due to the varied ways in which herbs are used (e.g. food products, energy drinks, multivitamins, raw form). The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the global market is approximately US $83 billion annually. WHO estimates that 80% of the world population use one or the other form of traditional medicine. In the developing world rates could be as high as 95%. The U.S. continues to see an increase in the use of herbs. The trend of “back to nature” is fast catching up in the world health sector and the use of traditional medicines is growing exponentially….

RCEP – Merits and Implications to India

The RCEP includes some of the world’s wealthiest economies (for example, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand) along with the largest (China, Japan, India, South Korea) and small low-income economies (such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao PDR). Not only do RCEP members have different visions of world trade, but also different qualities of domestic economic institutions, regulations and comparative advantages. It is exceedingly difficult to hit common ground among members even on basic issues core to all FTAs, such as elimination of tariffs and effective Rules of Origin (RoOs)…..


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