Centre for Indian Trade and Export Promotion (CITEP) is a NOT for PROFIT incorporated organisation to promote trade, industry, agriculture and export bestowed with a pool of highly experienced devoted experts / professionals / entrepreneurs / technocrats / national and international level prominent trade, industry, agriculture promotional agencies / academic stalwarts / scientists / R&D / International trading associates around the world with a motive to assist / coordinate in export promotion and entrepreneurship building endeavour.  CITEP with its world-wide contacts and associate representations strive for enhancing Indian exporters’ market reach by identifying buyers having high credentials.


  • To establish an effective link with Manufacturing, trading and its allied activities including agro at farm level;
  • Linkage is being provided at national and global level;
  • A wide network at deep root level in all facets enabling the stakeholders for one-to- one direct contacts to enhance their marketing each;
  • Organising National and International Trade Fairs / Exhibitions;
  • To organise entrepreneurship management programmes;
  • To set up overseas warehouses in important trading hubs with a fullfledged marketing support;
  • To set up Industrial Estates / Integrated Hi-tech Agricultural Contract Farming with Farmer-Public-NGO alliance;
  • Accreditation for products and services in collaboration with reputed international agencies.

How We Are Structured?

  • Recognizing a new marketing value chain, CITEP has structured its organization around the essential skill-sets with a full-fledged team and network powered by experience.
  • Our promotional strategists, researchers, experts and advisors have different roles, different educational backgrounds — come from different parts of the world — but there is one thing they share – Curiosity for driving your export business growth.

CITEP Connection

  • CITEP is your gateway to the international trade. We specialize through the complex journey of exporting and establishing your international markets by simply unlock your export potential.
  • CITEP functions as a part of your Export Market Team.
  • We don’t view ourselves as a trade and export promotional body, but rather an extension of your Export Division.  Our job is to get you where you want to be and we will work with you to unlock that export potential.


  • CITEP dedicated its expertise in building practical, actionable, marketing transformation solutions for your export growth. We have over several decades of marketing transformation experience. We understand how marketing departments work, how agencies work across the world, in very different categories. This diversity of experience is what makes us unique.

How CITEP Build?

  • A unique combination of experts of various facets profoundly pooling their knowledge, expertise and professional experience and contacts aiming to provide an over-all support to enhance exports from our Country.
  • CITEP stimulates you to enter / expand your exports.  Based on your specific product / export market selection, will actively involve with you to take you into real export business.
  • If already exporting, wish to expand further with new buyers, new markets, CITEP is your right companion to achieve your targeted desire.
  • With CITEP, No non-sense.  Only export business in a real – repeat – real terms.  Don’t worry about Foreign Trade Policy, Export Procedures, Documentation, Financing for your exports, import country regulations, availability of incentives, subsidies, facilities and all related and co-related.  CITEP update you and coordinate with you all along.
  • We are with you to coordinate in every sphere of your export activities.
  • CITEP jointly with Annamalai University is conducting a One Year Post Graduate Diploma in “Export Management and Entrepreneurship” through hybrid hi-tech learning mode with face-to-face sessions in important locations across the Country. Post Course facilities to provide Executive Level employment; Self-employment, to establish manufacturing set up with a full-fledged coordination from technology / know-how identification up to marketing of the products manufactured; to become a successful exporter with a full-fledged coordination from selection / sourcing of products, take to the international markets till realisation of export proceeds. The Course is entirely unique in its nature with a highly practical exposure and interesting to learn and adopt to establish a hi-growth future for the Course participants.  The PG Diploma Course would likely to upgrade to MBA in due course of time.