CITEP for their major clients recruit / select manpower /marketing channels and various services.

Wish to become Exporter / Enhance Your Export Market Reach


CITEP coordinates if you are manufacturing / doing wholesale of products, to adopt the product for exports or if you wish to enter into exports  on merchandising basis, sourcing of products, adaptation of the products based on products and countries focussed for marketing, labelling and packaging, logistics guidance, providing trade leads, identifying buyers, organising Buyer-Seller Meets and participation in trade fairs / exhibitions at subsidised rates, negotiation and etiquette, management, pricing guidance, international repute factoring / forfeiting agencies to cover the payment risks and realisation of payments, regular updates on products and markets of your interest and what else uncovered would be covered based on its merits.


Wish to become an Entrepreneur


  • CITEP coordinates in identifying technologies / technologies with buy-back, techno-economic feasibility reports preparation, Plot/Shed identification, licensing formalities, financials and subsidies, turn-key installation of the Unit, HR, Product output, packaging and labelling, common branding, centralised Admin and ERP to reduce the overhead costs, domestic and export marketing, and what else uncovered would be covered on its merits.
  • Special attention being provided on entrepreneur-centric, agri-preneur centric, women entrepreneur-centric and focussed products centric – having very good market scope from micro-level to medium scale.
  • Young students doing their final year want to become entrepreneur, this option opens-up an excellent opportunity.


Self-Employment / Small Business / Franchise Opportunities


  • Health-Care
  • FMCG
  • Fashion and Readymade Garments
  • Men / Women Accessories
  • Women Boutique
  • Excellent Services based (like education, finance, restaurants, etc., and Entertainment industry).


More than 30 National and International Level excellent opportunities are available.


All opportunities are having potential to earn from Rs.30,000/- to Rs.3,00,000 p.m. and more.  Affordable investment possibilities.  Loans and subsidies based on individual’s merits would also be arranged.


Placement Assistance


  • CITEP for the students who joins for One Year Post Graduate Diploma in “Export Management and Entrepreneurship” conducted jointly with Annamalai University would provide assured Executive Level placement.
  • The well laid down course materials and the face-to-face sessions handled by professional experts provide a very good exposure on International Trade, Entrepreneurship skills added with communication and soft skills development.
  • These skills are essentially required by the employer who wish to recruit employees since such prospects would equip themselves at the earliest in their atmosphere and easily and quickly understand the assigned tasks. Normally, all employers need their recruiting employees would play a key role as Profit Making Centre with high quality output.  This Course mainly aim to impart such qualities and knowledge to its participants.
  • CITEP’s added such unique professional qualification would attract the employers in their evaluation for recruitment considering its strength on providing multi-faceted practical knowledge and professionalism with entrepreneurship qualities enriched with better communication skills and etiquette.
  • CITEP through its placement assistance division would provide best possible assistance to get suitable placement to the participants of the Course who would be pursuing / completed.
  • Arrangements and tie-ups are being made with manufacturing sectors of all types of industries / exporting and related companies / Banking and Financial Services /Software, ITeS, BPOs / Travel and Tourism / Health Industry / Insurance / Automobile / Construction / Major Retail Chains / Electrical / Electronics / Communication / Education and other trade and services.
  • This service is available to the participants of the Course.
  • CITEP, in addition to this facility, would also provide a Career Guidance Services as how best the participants of the Course groom themselves in their job / profession to reach to a higher level.
  • Even for those students having the opportunity to be selected through their Campus Interview, having undergone such a practical course would serve as an enriched added qualification.


Also for those who avail “Export Companion” services of CITEP,

may avail the “Job Search” facility at a highly subsidised cost.


Export Companion


CITEP Brings you a highly user friendly one stop destination with personalised services based on your export market reach option to make you truly global.

Are you a new or current exporter looking to expand into a new market globally? CITEP leverages its growing network of professionals to help companies navigate in the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing markets.


In today’s marketplace, companies considering sourcing or selling their products overseas must evaluate many more options than in the past and process greater amounts of information to make decisions. Cultural barriers and complex compliance initiatives make global trade even more of a challenge.


CITEP help you to identify potential buyers / buying agents / useful contacts of your business interests precisely in accordance with your requirements.  Wherever you trade, CITEP is at your side.


Experience always pays. Our experts free up your time and resources to focus on what matters most – doing business.  CITEP help in managing your trade activities globally.


One Year Post Graduate Diploma in “Export Management and Entrepreneurship” jointly with Annamalai University with optional Post Course facilities to become a successful Exporter / Entrepreneur / Self-Employed / Executive Level Placement


The Course is a One Stop Destination for Every Career / Entrepreneurship / Export aspiring focussed Individuals


Salient Features of the Course:


  • In-class sessions; Learn directly through physical interaction with faculty and peers from diverse industries
  • Small class sizes; Rigorous learning delivered through personalised attention to learning needs based on select options.
  • Modules delivered through hi-tech learning “hybrid” mode by highly experienced faculties of relevant field across the globe;
  • Post Graduate Diploma in “Export Management and Entrepreneurship” awarded on successful completion by Annamalai University, CITEP along with reputed partnering organisations
  • Contextualise your learning to your option select application; Bridge the learning-doing gap while under-going the Course.


Integrated Contract Farming


Highly suitable for those who are already in employment / profession / business, etc., having a flair and interest in modern farming as a holidays and leisure pleasure. CITEP coordinates to feel you like Zamindar come with family members and involve yourself in farming, sit and enjoy the evening outside the small convenient compact house in the moon light, get enthusiastic, energetic and rejuvenate experience with happy moments and enjoyable time spending. Yet, your small investment would be totally protected through Bank Guarantee added with regular fun-filled income generation and capital appreciation. Being your little investment is highly secured with assured bank guarantee, it is a hassle-free living with nature.