How I will be benefitted when I attend CITEP’s Workshop on “How to Strategise Your Gateway to Export” in important locations.


CITEP expert faculties made presentations mainly focussing exactly what are the essential elements you need to enter into exports or if already exporting, the kind of successful market strategy to adopt in a brief over-view format primarily to cull out what not required at the initial stage unnecessarily wasting your time and energy.


CITEP is organising 4-Days Training Programme on “Export Marketing – A Practical Exposure”.  Any basic qualification is required?  What mainly may I learn? Will you provide accommodation facility also during the programme?


It focusses totally on export marketing from identification, adaptation, pricing, ways of identifying potential markets and buyers, secured way of payment realisation, managerial skill development techniques and all essentials on export marketing with vital inputs.  This is a highly specialised training programme in a simple easy to learn language and able to adopt in your export marketing execution and effective team work.


The fee for training programme is being fixed at a very minimum and providing courseware, refreshments, lunch.  However, the participants would make their own stay arrangements.  The Venue of such training programmes are in a strategic location and easy to commute.


How “Export Companion” is helpful in my export marketing efforts?


A proper understanding of the potential market, its market dynamics, culture, method of doing business, regulations, specific product imports of the specific country world-wide and from India, importers and leads relevant to your export products and a host of information whether you are new to exports or you are a leading exporter, a continuous updating on market(s) of your export product interest and when you plan to enter into new markets, such information is very important.  “Export Companion” serve as a highly effective tool in your market penetration.  Further, the host of other vital information contained in the “Export Companion” would be of much help in your entrepreneurship, self-employment, placement level opportunities.  Yet to avail this services, the amount you pay is highly subsidised and kept to a bare minimum not to say “no” and make it use in your effective execution in export marketing in a professional way.


CITEP is conducting one year Post Graduate Diploma in “Export Management and Entrepreneurship”.  What is special in the Course?


In regular course of studies or through distance learning or in any course training programmes, learning alone is possible.  This course is a flexible learning system through “hybrid” mode.  This mode is a very well designed course structure with FACE-to-FACE Session (contact classes in major locations depends upon the intake) of 140 hours in convenient holidays handled by professionals and experts besides the course modules and presentations and questions and answers and a number of video and useful articles and information are available to ensure proficiency in your studies.  Experts are available to guide you and provide clarifications.


What is the benefit of studying the Course?


Completion of the Course is a normal practice to undergo any course.


This course is entirely different.  Post course assistance is its unique speciality.  Just to study a course / training programme does not yield any fruitful result to establish a bright career or start a venture.


Whether you are having technical / commerce / economic / arts / science or any professional background and working in any field, having in-depth knowledge on international trade in today’s scenario is very much essential as it interlinked in all types of commercial activities in one way or the other.  To effectively execute any assignments, entrepreneurship leadership qualities are very much essential to evolve a team spirit and to achieve the desired goal and assigned task more efficiently.


For graduates / diploma holders with the above background when searching for appropriate job, having the knowledge gained through the Course would definitely be an added welcome advantage to any employer as they need their executives candidates with readily employable who can fit into their atmosphere within a short time and effectively start working.  The Course with multi-dimensional approach provides such pep.


I have completed my degree / I have a very good experience and knowledge on products / commodities.  I want to set up a manufacturing unit. Whether Studying this course is of any use?


Based on the details provided by you in your Registration Form for joining the Course, CITEP will analyse your areas of interest and start interact with you to get more details and positive strengths you have to achieve your objective in setting up a manufacturing unit.  CITEP with its established contacts at national and international level creating excellent projects in various sectors and services having a very good national and export marketing prospects.


A dedicated CITEP team would provide a total coordination in selection of technology matching your strength, unit set up, feasibility report preparation, financials and subsidies, unit installation and production process, product marketing, ERP, HR, common admin and a host of other coordination enabling to reduce the operational cost to a sizeable extent and providing ample scope for entrepreneurs like you to fully concentrate on manufacturing quality products and growing at much faster scale.


I have completed my degree.  I wish to set up agri-based business, exports or to set up agri-based units or processed food manufacturing units with value addition with a good market potential.


CITEP coordinates with you from the sourcing of commodities / horticultural / plantation products, etc., and how best to bring into viable business / export / manufacturing process with immense further growth opportunities.  Based on your Registration details, CITEP team will interact with you to identify the suitability and based on your strength suggest appropriate venture to carry forward and CITEP will coordinate with you.


Government both at Centre and States are announcing various schemes and facilities.  Whether is it possible to avail such measures?


CITEP once finalised your venture whether on entrepreneur / agri-preneur basis, will prepare a detailed Report including the various incentives, facilities and measures and subsidies related to the unit specific and CITEP team would coordinate with you.


CITEP also having its plan to set up exclusive industrial estates by pooling prospective entrepreneurs / agri-preneurs and details will be informed to all the registered participants of the course in due course of time.


What is Hi-tech Integrated Contract Agro Farming and allied activities and how it is helpful?


You are already in job / business / profession.  You have a basic interest in agro farming or wish to spend your week-end or leisurely holidays along with your family / friends in a different atmosphere which gives you a pleasant, happy and enthusiastic moments and also to involve yourself a little in agro practices.  It is difficult for you to maintain a small farm yet to enjoy the flair as a natural farmer with a small investment totally protected and guaranteed with a regular extra income generation and capital appreciation.  CITEP is there for you to achieve this desire hassle free.


Natural farming technique is coming back on various health and ecological reasons.  Ample scope and a good revenue with capital appreciation is highly possible if the venture is practiced with utmost diligence based on the suitable cultivitation processes based on soil, climate and other parameters.


CITEP with close coordination with experts and established agencies is planning to establish hi-tech integrated contract agro farming at various locations based on its intake.


To become eligible for hi-tech farming why insisting to undergo the Course?


Integrated farming consist not only producing commodities / horticulture / plantation products but also involves supply chain management, value addition, exports and a lot of combined activities.  Knowledge and agri-preneurship skill of its participants would result in inculcating modern management practices and pooling of various pro-active thoughts to successfully carried out this type of venture in the long run.  Mere introduction of such venture will not effectively go long.  Only with larger vision and a highly focussed team spirit though not involved full time, yet having their attention in the farming activities is more vital.  Hence, this insistence.


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