(the unitary, multi-faculty University accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC) and

jointly conduct a highly intensive practical exposure inbuilt unique hybrid mode

One Year Post Graduate Diploma in 

“Export Management and Entrepreneurship” 


A Must and Not to Miss Opportunity for: Hybrid and Tech Powered Learning

  • Graduates and those who are studying PG seeking§Easy to understand and adopt enjoyable courseware executive level placement/ intend to become an §the options to get executive level placement, to be self-Entrepreneur /Exporter; employed, to become successful exporter; to become
  • Employees of all sectors seeking excellent career successful entrepreneur with high-level coordination by growth; professional experts from concept to completion.A course with different dimension. A complete Spare Time job / business opportunities.Entrepreneurs / Farmers / Small Exporters, those whoCentres:Hyderabad – New Delhi – Mumbai –  Ahmedabad – KolkattaChennai – Coimbatore – Bangalore – Dharwad – Vijayawada – wish to start exports, Women Entrepreneurs and others intend to start Home Based Exports / francise / CITEP for its Course participants provides* Distribution etc. §Excellent Executive Level Placement in leading   Special Features of the Course Opportunities.
  • Proper guidance will be given to choose one post§From concept to completion including marketing for course option tospecialise and establish a successful setting up manufacturing units career/Entrepreneurial ambition. (*Note: Post Course Facilities are governed separately under practical exposure coupled with multiple post course §For exports – sourcing of products, global marketing up options to choose from. to realisation of buyers’ payment
  • CITEP’s (T&C)
    • Easy access to subject professionals
    • More than140hours’ face-to-face sessions in important locations


    Entire curriculum

    Approach of the course is different and innovative. Entire course is learner-centric.  Post course multi faceted assistance is the unique speciality.


    Join to sail with us to traverse to transform for a treasure bagged life.

    Registration for 2017-18 Batch started

    With the rapid expansion of the trade and industry of the country, a special class of trained people to effectively carry out various facets of activities related to trade, industries, and international trade is very much vital. There is a rewarding career with rapid progress for people effectively trained with a focused practical exposure.

    CENTRE FOR INDIAN TRADE AND EXPORT PROMOTION (CITEP), a NOT FOR PROFIT trade, agro, industries and export promotion organisation and Annamalai University – the reputed unitary, multi-faculty University accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC has devised a state-of-the-art Post Graduate Diploma in “Export Management and Entrepreneurship” well keeping the above with a focus to bring into practice.

    The course aims at providing inputs relevant to the business, industry, international trade and entrepreneurship so that they can function well and face the challenges arising there from.Whether you are new to trade, looking for a refresher, employment at executive level, taking on new markets or building entrepreneurship skills and knowledge to set up your own venture  – the course would help to get you there.

    The course will be conducted through HYBRID mode. Renowned professionals having great exposure and expertise are forming the members of the CENTRE’s BOARD OF ADVISORY and BOARD OF STUDIES.

    Syllabus and Mode of Study

    The syllabus of the Course have been designed in a much easy to understand format covering all facets of international trade management, entrepreneurship, soft-skill development in a simple and lucid English with options for specialisation.

    Benefits of the Course:

    There are many benefits while undergoing the Course and through post course facilities which includes…..

    • More interaction with professors / experts in the targeted field
    • Personalized advising and career guidance
    • Seminars, corporate tours, and other events that connect with business communities
    • Integrated course work that forms a cohesive structure and is geared towards export promotion / entrepreneurship and multi-field employment prospects.
    • The satisfaction of having a truly focused understanding.
    • Unique post course facilities – not a one-time service.  A lifelong companion together with you either in your career prospects or in your entrepreneurship prospects.

    The course is being offered in a variety of instructional formats: correspondence, face-to-face, online, webinar and training by experts.

    Registration for 2017-18

    Batch started

    Marketing and Negotiations

    Option III Entrepreneurship, Technology Identification, Manufacturing Set up, Registration, Finance, Domestic and International Marketing.

    Salient Features and Facilities being provided under Options:

    Option I Export Execution with special reference to Export Documentation, Functions of an 

    Exporting Company International Trade Division of Corporate Companies and Marketing

    Those already in job, interested for career in international trade based companies and related agencies, industries, service sectors and a host of other fields,  this Course would provide an excellent vista in your career development and CITEP coordinates with you in your job searching / career development as the subjects taught through “hybrid” mode with utmost quality will keep you a step ahead with its own credentials and acceptance by trade and industry.

    Option II Product Development / Sourcing of Products, Marketing and Negotiations

    CITEP coordinates if you are manufacturing / doing wholesale of products, to adopt the product for exports and if you are new to exports on merchandising basis, sourcing of products, adaptation of the products based on products and countries focused for marketing, labeling and packaging, logistics guidance, providing trade leads, identifying buyers, organising Buyer-Seller Meets and participation in trade fairs / exhibitions at subsidised rates, negotiation and etiquette management, pricing guidance, international repute factoring / forfeiting agencies to cover the payment risks and realisation of payments, regular updates on products and markets of your interest and what else uncovered would be covered based on its merits.

    Option III Entrepreneurship, Technology Identification, 

    Manufacturing Set up, Registration, Finance, Domestic and International Marketing

    CITEP coordinates in identifying technologies / technologies with buyback, techno-economic feasibility reports preparation, Plot/Shedidentification, licensing formalities, financials and subsidies, turn-key installation of the Unit, HR, Product output, packaging and labeling, common branding, centralised Admin and ERP to reduce the overhead costs, domestic and export marketing, and what else uncovered would be covered on its merits. Special attention being provided on entrepreneur-centric, agri-preneur centric, women entrepreneur-centric and focused products-centric having very good market scope from micro-level to medium scale. Those interested to become entrepreneur, this option opens-up an excellent opportunity.  NRIs who want to settle back in India, this option suits very well.

    Internship: Submission of a project work is a part of the course syllabus.  May do on their own or through internship.  CITEP is currently providing internship facilities in Chennai, Coimbatore, Erode and Bangalore and will be extended to other centres based on the feasibility.

    options would be held in strategic locations.

    Choice of locations will be decided based on the strength of intake viable to conduct. Course participants also have the option to participate through online platform through CITEP website. A minimum 60% of attendance or a minimum of 75% attendance through Webinar mode is required.

    Currently the CENTRE planned to conduct the Contact

    Sessions in Chennai – Coimbatore – Bangalore – Dharwad – Vijayawada – Hyderabad – New Delhi – Mumbai –  Ahmedabad – Kolkatta.

    The contact classes (face-to-face sessions) will be conducted in convenient holidays in centrally located easy to access places in the chosen centres in-built with state-of-the-art infrastructure to conduct the session in a comfortable environment.

    Eligibility for Admission

    Graduates and above.

    Polytechnic Diploma holders may also join.  However, only Certificate by CITEP will be awarded.  Rest remains same.

    Course Fee

    For the academic year 2017-18, the registration process started.

    On behalf of the Annamalai University, the total one-time payment for the Course of Rs.45,000/- (Rupees Forty Five Thousand only) need to be sent to CITEP.  The examination fee will be paid separately as per University norms at the time of examination.

    The placement facilities for the participants is being offered free of charge.  However, other post course facilities would be provided on one time registration and terms are governed by CITEP’s T&C for those who are interested to become exporter, entrepreneur and those who wish to avail Franchising Opportunities and other lucrative facilities being offered by CITEP.

    Upgradation of the PG Diploma to M.B.A. (International Business and Entrepreneurship)

    Steps are being taken to upgrade the Course to M.B.A.(IB&E) by providing due credits and exemptions of the subjects covered in the PG Diploma Course and additional subjects through the same enjoyable mode of education for another one academic year.  However, this is optional and will be informed in due course once finalised.

    Mode of Payment

    CITEP is being authorised by the University to collect the fee on behalf of them as per their terms.

    The payment may be sent to CITEP through

    At par Cheque / DD No………….Date…………..Name of

    Bank…………………………………………payable at Chennai.

    Payment may also be made through NEFT to Centre for Indian Trade and Export Promotion. Account No.0417360000000022 Lakshmi Vilas Bank, (Madipakkam Branch) Chennai IFSC – LAVB0000417.


    Please send the Course Registration Form duly filled in along with Course Fee to:
      The Executive Director
    Centre for Indian Trade and Export Promotion 1683-A, 5th Cross Street, Ramnagar South Madipakkam, Chennai 600091

    Phone: 044-48577611 / 9840262671 / 9840466611
    Mr. R.K.Menon, Managing Director, Equations Research and Strategic Consultants Pvt. Ltd., and Chairman, Advanced Learning Institute (Asia) – expert in the field of skill development, behavioural labs, customised training methodologies and strategic business management.


  • Annamalai University is one of Asia’s largest public residential universities located in Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India.Annamalai University, established in 1929, by The Annamalai University Act, 1929, is the only unitary, multifaculty University in the State of Tamil Nadu with 49 Departments of Study. Recently, the Government of Tamil Nadu enacted The Annamalai University Act -2013, to bring the University under its direct ambit.The University, for the past 87 years, has crossed noteworthy milestones in the process of  contributing to the cause of promoting higher education among the people for whom it would have remained a distant dream.  The NAAC has accredited the University with ‘A’ Grade in 2014, which is a recent feather added to its cap.The curriculum is designed in line with the educational policies of the State and Central Government to addresses the global needs and at the same time striking a balance to serve the cause of national development and regional requirements. The syllabus is dynamic and constantly revamped to keep pace with the rapid developments.The University enjoys unstinted support from its alumni.CENTRE FOR INDIAN TRADE AND EXPORT PROMOTIONCENTRE FOR INDIAN TRADE AND EXPORT PROMOTION(CITEP), is a collaborative effort to supplement the Central and State Governments various promotional measures for development of trade, industry, agriculture and exports. The CENTRE is a not for profit incorporated organisation.Renowned leading Industrialists, Exporters, Professionals and Experts in various facets of International Trade, Entrepreneurship, Agro Sector and other allied fields are forming a part of ADVISORY COMMITTEE to steer the objectives of the CENTRE.Eminent Professionals, Academicians, Subject Experts having decades of rich experience in connected areas of specialisation on International Trade, Industry, Technology, Banking and Finance, Hi-tech Farming, Logistics, Marketing are forming as members of BOARD OF STUDIES.CITEP with its world-wide contacts and associate representations spread globally strive for enhancing Indian exporters’ market reach by identifying buyers having high credentials.  CITEP is also putting its efforts to identify best technologies world-wide suit for Indian entrepreneurs with good market potential.  In the field of agriculture, with global experts formulating and planning to introduce economical, highly productive organic farming practices in India.

    for further details, please contact:

    Mr. A. Sriram, Deputy Director (Trade Promotion) (Mobile: 9840466611) Mr. Harishmohan, Deputy Director (Team Coordination) (Mobile: 9566011100)

    Centre for Indian Trade and Export Promotion

    1683-A, 5th Cross Street, Ramnagar South Madipakkam,


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