Start Your Exports

Attending unproductive Workshops, Seminars, Short Term Training Programmes and other dust-bin events are simply eye-washing you in the name of “Export Training Programme”. These are, please understand, a total waste of your precious

Time money energy and inclined you to  adopting wrong route to do exports and fear of payment default.

With CITEP, Business means only Business and not shredded things to fill your mind rather than business. No unwanted Workshops / Seminars / Training Programmes.

Only direct exports practically with frequent updated information of relevance required for your specific product /market as a ready reckoner /refresher to gain a momentum.

For doing successful exports, all you require is

» Either have a product(s) or able to source a product(s) or

» have good overseas contacts / facility for which you need to source products

What else required are very well available in the internet and why are you unnecessarily put your time, energy, money, your aim and above all by putting your foot in a wrong path with the main intention to do exports but coming out by knowing a little about what is export documentation and related and a little sense about what is export marketing.

Have you gained anything? If at all you have gained anything, please understand that was possible only because of your effort and not through such useless idiotic training programmes.

What CITEP does?

From the day one of your joining, CITEP stimulates you to enter / expand your exports. Based on your specific product/ export market selection, will actively involve with you to take you into real export business.

If already exporting, wish to expand further with new buyers, new markets, CIT EP is your right companion to achieve your targeted desire.

With CITEP, No non-sense. Only export business in a real — repeat – real terms. Don’t worry about Foreign Trade Policy, Export Procedures, Documentation, Financing for your exports, import country regulations, availability of incentives, subsidies, facilities and all related and co-related. CITEP update you and coordinate with you all along.

We are with you to coordinate in every sphere of your export activities.

The combined facilitation charges for your export promotional activities kept to the bare minimum with a much enjoyable export enhancement opportunities around the world.

Do you want

  • Enhance domestic competitiveness
  • Gain global market share
  • Reduce dependence on existing markets
  • Extend the export potential of existing products

Stabilize seasonal market fluctuations

  • Make use of excess production capacity
  • Gain information about foreign competition

Are You New to Exports?

Have products for Export?

Able to source products and interest to Export? Already Exporting in a small way and Interested to Expand?

Manufacturing products and wish to Export?

What CITEP would do for you?

CITEP would like to work for you to gain a momentum on the following to increase your export market reach practically..

  • Develop markets for your goods including agro related products
  • Identifying, liaising and negotiating with Buyers for export orders;
  • Assisting in realisation of export payments  Direct exports through our worldwide established contacts
  • Consortia ExportingRecognizing a new marketing value chain, CITEP has structured Its organization around the essential skill-sets with a full-fledged team and network powered by experience.Our promotional strategists, researchers, experts and advisors have different roles, different educational backgrounds — come from different parts of the world — but there is one thing they share — Curiosity for driving your business growth.CITEP is your gateway to the international trade. We specialize through the complex journey of exporting and establishing your international markets by simply unlock your export potential.CITEP functions as a part of your Export Market Team.We don’t view ourselves as a trade and export promotional body, but rather an extension of your Export Division. Our job is to get you where you want to be and we will work with you to unlock that export potential.CITEP dedicated its expertise in building practical, actionable, marketing transformation solutions for your export growth. We have over several decades of marketing transformation experience. We understand how marketing departments work, how agencies work across the world, in very different categories. This diversity of experience is what makes us unique.
    How CITEP build.

    A unique combination of experts of various facets profoundly pooling their knowledge, expertise and professional experience and contacts aiming to provide an over-all support to enhance exports from our Country. To outline a few of such specialisation…

    • Entering International Markets • Export Consulting, Import Consulting
    • Cross Border Trade • e-Market Services
    • Export Assistance • A wealth of resources and contacts
    • Exim Business-to-Business coordination • Agents and Distributors / Service Providers
    • International Business Development Plan • Trade Leads Generation
    • Buyer’s Search & Selection • Plugging Your International Business Gaps



We Don’t stop 

Until We Get You 

At The Potential Markets 

This is our most comprehensive service where we truly become an extension of your team. We discuss your export interest with key potential buyers and others related in targeted markets. These buyers and related already represent the products of your interest in their countries and have a sales and marketing infrastructure in place. They are experts in their market and have strong relationships across a broad variety of sales channels. Product Development I Sourcing of Products, Marketing and Negotiations .

CITEP coordinates if you are manufacturing / doing wholesale of products, to adopt the product for exports and if you are new to exports on merchandising basis, sourcing of products, adaptation of the products based on products and countries focussed for marketing, labelling and packaging, logistics guidance, providing trade leads, identifying buyers, organising Buyer-Seller Meets and participation in trade fairs / exhibitions at subsidised rates, negotiation and etiquette management, pricing guidance, international repute factoring / forfeiting agencies to cover the payment risks and realisation of payments, regular updates on products and markets of your interest and what else uncovered would be covered based on its merits. 


  • Our job becomes more simple to facilitate us to speed up your exports. Directly take you to the relevant buyer; relevant market; relevant contacts; direct marketing in select international trade hubs and a lot ensuring to enhance your export market either in existing territory or in new territories where the opportunities behold.

CIT EP through its exponential strength, simply work simultaneously with your marketing division to supplement and furthering your export business.


Centre for Indian Trade and Export Promotion (CITEP) is a NOT for PROFIT incorporated organisation to promote trade, industry, agriculture and export bestowed with a pool of highly experienced devoted experts / professionals / entrepreneurs / technocrats / national and international level prominent trade, industry, agriculture promotional agencies / academic stalwarts / scientists / R&D / International trading associates around the world having achieved distinction on their own with a motive to assist / coordinate in your export promotion and entrepreneurship building endeavour.


Payment may also be made through NEFT to Alc No. Centre for Indian Trade and Export Promotion. Account No. 0417360000000022 Lakshmi Vilas Bank, (Madipakkam Branch) Chennai IFSC LAVB0000417.